by Hassan Travis-Frank

The NCCC art gallery reopened in Fall 2021, after a year being used as a Covid-19 testing facility in room D101 near the NCCC Learning Commons. The current art gallery director is named Professor James Goodrich, and “he took the lead by communicating with the art department faculty to select, edit, organize and hang exhibitions.” The purpose of this art gallery is for art students to share their work of art to others, and also to inspire students on what they wanted to do after graduation.

Barbara Buckman, the art instructor of Drawing 1 at NCCC explains that the art gallery’s potential is to reveal students’ career goals by using their training and knowledge of learning on what they have experienced in the semester. The college used to schedule a student show after every semester, and also likes to bring artists into the college so they can show students their amazing work of art; that way students would engage their attention on their artwork, so they can reveal their true potential in their life. “We wanted to expose our students to some potential careers. Things that they can do, when they can graduate using their training, what they’re learning or beginning to learn while they’re here at NCCC and then they just pursued their education and went out into the world and are now using their talents and skill,” said Buckman as she explains about the students’ success and the real purpose of the art gallery.

Not only the art gallery’s purpose is to inspire students in NCCC to engage their fascination for these amazing arts, but also wanted art students to inspire and reveal their dreams and career goals. This helps students to figure out or think about their potential in the future. The more students experience and learn, the more they will do something big in their life. “The big part of it is, for the art program, it’s really important to have art students seeing the potential of what they can do by looking at work of professionals. But we also like to bring just successful. Our artist were doing interesting work out in the community and to share with the campus more broadly,” said Ms. Buckman as she explains about how important it is for students to see their true potential on what they want to do in their life by looking at the work of professional artists.

Art majors and non-majors alike will look at professional artists’ artwork, so they can obtain the inspiration they need to realize what their career goals are. Everybody is welcomed to the art gallery, and it’s not only art students and art faculty members who participates in the gallery, non-art majored students can participate as well. “We want everybody coming in and appreciating the artwork and come to the opening events that we have, and we’re hoping that we can get into doing more interactive programming and trying to do some workshops that anybody who’s on campus can participate,” said Ms. Buckman.

The art gallery is an interactive environment where students will appreciate the fascinating artwork made by majored art students who created them from last semester. The 2021 Art Gallery is a successful showcase where students would interact and appreciate fine work of art, and it will help inspire individuals in the future to discover their true potential and dreams.

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