By Ashley Bossinger

   In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, The Niagara County Community College Dance company Tanzen will be taking part in a fundraiser and vendor event located at Runnings in Lockport, New York. While spreading the love for dance along with positive energy they are really hoping to bring in extra support for the fundraiser for the local store.

   Most of the student body at Niagara County Community College is unaware that there is even a dance company at the school. Tanzen tries to stay active in the community by attending fundraisers and local events such as Ladies Night. Ladies’ night, held at Runnings: 5789 Transit Road Lockport NY 14094, on Wednesday October 18th will take place from 4:00pm-7:00pm. The event consists of buying a Two-dollar bucket in which all proceeds are donated to a local cancer charity and the customer will receive a 20% discount on clothes and footwear and a 10% discount on just about anything else.

     Tanzen as stated previously likes to stay active in the community and will be Preforming for a 30 Minute slot at the charity event. The Performance consists of multiple dancers with assorted styles of dance. The company encourages the student body to come out to the event, enjoy the free performance, check out multiple vendors and the store. Kim Vincent the Direct of Tanzen Dance company and Dance Professor at Niagara County Community College encourages everyone to come check out the event. “Ladies Night is meant to bring together the community and bring strength to those who are battling cancer. As the slogan would say Give cancer the boot, that is just what we are doing.” Kim is overly excited to see the turn out as previous years have been such a success.

  Catching up with previous and current dancers Kaitlyn Virgillo says” Tazen has been performing at Ladies Night since it first started. It’s a great opportunity to showcase the talent hidden in the walls at NCCC and to support those fighting this battel.” For many of the Dancers this will be their first Time Preforming at Ladies and for some It will be their last.

    Tazen Dance Company is extremely excited to perform for the community. The company hopes to have your support and encouragement at the event. When in attendance, please support your local vendors and, if interested, contact the store managers for more information.

Event: Ladies Night

Location: 5789 Transit RD Lockport NY 14094

Time: 4:00pm – 7:00pm

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