Fall 2023 Deadline to Request an S/U/W Grade or Withdraw from the College

Monday, November 27 is the last day to request an S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) grade or withdraw from a class (W grade).  November 27 is also the last day to withdraw from the College with X grades (applies to all full-term courses).  Mod course deadlines differ – refer to the online Student Calendar for more information.

Please be mindful of the possible implications for transferability of S/U grades. Both grading options may also impact eligibility for Excelsior. Please check with Financial Aid for questions related to Excelsior.

All forms are located on the Registration & Records Forms page (from the NCCC homepage – click Academics, Registration & Records, Forms).

Withdraw from a Class – To drop a course and receive a W (withdrawal) grade as a final grade, complete the electronic Drop or Withdraw from a Course form.

Withdraw from College (All Classes) – To withdraw online from the college and receive “X” grades for ALL of your current courses, complete the electronic Withdrawal From College form.  If you completed any modular courses, you will receive the grade earned and “W” grades will be applied to all other college coursework.

• Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Grades – To elect to receive a final grade of S/U in a course, students must submit the electronic S/U grade request form which will also require approvals from the course instructor and the student’s advisor. Selecting the S/U option may be beneficial to students in certain circumstances; however, students should be aware of the impact on course loads in future semesters, financial aid/academic standing implications, and the transferability of S/U grades.

If you would like to discuss these options, please contact the Student Success Center at 716-614-6290 or email studentsuccess@niagaracc.suny.edu.

If you have questions about submitting a form, please email records@niagaracc.suny.edu or stop by the Enrollment Center in A-105.

I am Planning to Graduate in December.  What Should I Do?

Please submit a graduation application.  The deadline to file for Fall graduation is December 8

If you plan to earn more than one degree and/or certificate in the Fall semester, please submit a graduation application for both. 

  • Apply through Banner Web:
    • Click on “Student Records”.
    • Click on “Apply for Graduation”.
    • Select the major for which you are applying.  If you do not see your major listed, please contact the Enrollment Center at 716-614-6250.
    • Select how you would like your name to appear on your diploma.
    • Verify the information you entered is correct and click “Submit Request”.
    • You can view your submitted application under the Student Records tab of Banner Web at any time.

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