By Ashley Bossinger

Flashcards, Quizlet, note sheets, book after book what is the right way to approach the most stressful time in a college student semester? Well, there is no right way for everyone which is why you tailor your study habits to your needs. As the end of the semester comes upon us quickly, it is better to be ahead of the game than cramming at the end which most college student would admit to doing.

After collecting a tally from 30 students on campus to see which of the three categories they feel they fall into when it comes time for studying it became very obvious that not everyone’s habits are the same. The three categories I gave the student to select form where 1.) I tend to study ahead of time with friends or another person, 2.) I tend to study alone ahead of time  or 3.) I Do not study, or I cram study before the class. The tally’s counted that 9 people tend to study ahead of time with another person or group. 8 People study ahead of time on their own. Lastly 13 people do not study at all or cram study before the exam/class.

After collecting the tally’s, I did some research to help inform the student body of the option to help set them up for the best outcome for these up-and-coming finals. The ACE center located on the second-floor library has recently put out a large whiteboard full of tutors and the classes they specialize in to help you prepare or even just give you advice on good study habits for that class. Students can make appointments over the phone or in person, this is very beneficial and gives you one on one time another individual who is educated in the field of study.

Finish out, your semester strong the end of semester “burn out” can be rough we are almost at the end. Study hard, make those flash cards and read those notes. Ask for help and do not wait until it is too late get ahead of the game and good luck with the end of your semester.

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