By Ashley Bossinger

Lights, Music, Curtains, Action! Join the Niagara County Community College dance company Tanzen, as they take the stage November 30th December 1st and December 3rd in the NCCC Theater for their showcase this semester. With the company growing each semester, the performance seems to just get better and better.

Tanzen Dance company has had a few rough semesters with the recruitment size of performers but that is not a problem this semester. The company is so excited to provide the audience with an array of dances. While speaking with Alumni Chorographer and costume designer Kaitlyn Virgilio she says “I feel this semester is probably the most unique semester we have had with the company in a while. There are so many different dances, and it gives a little of something for everyone.” The company will take the stage on Thursday November 30th at 7:30 pm, doors open and 7:00pm, Friday December 1st at 7:30pm doors open at 7:00pm and Sunday December 3rd at 2:00pm doors open at 1:30pm.

For those interested Tanzen is considered a two-credit class and is listed as a dance performance workshop. If you are a student who Is enrolling for classes or the spring 2024 semester and are looking to advance your dance background and find a new to express your self through a form of the arts. Talk with your advisor or reach out to Kim Vincent, the dance professor and director of Tanzen dance company.

Tanzen is a great way to stay physically active, build lifelong friends, and really help push a dancer into a college feel for dance. Niagara County community college The Tanzen dance company and stage crew cannot wait to see you at the upcoming show.

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