by Rena Spangler

The Buffalo Bills had their first primetime home game since 2007 last Sunday at Highmark Stadium. Every Bills fan in the Western New York was beyond excited for this game, especially since it was going to be nationally televised. So, how did it go for our Buffalo Bills?

Game Recap
The Buffalo Bills beat the Green Bay Packers with a score of 27-17. Although the Bills dominated the first half with 24 combined points, their second half was a little rough. They also got a field goal in the third quarter, thanks to kicker Tyler Bass. Although their second half was lacking in points and Allen seemed a bit discombobulated, they still found the win over Green Bay’s second quarter touchdown, third quarter field goal, and fourth quarter touchdown. Although the Bills Mafia is very well known as being the “12th Man”, their noise and ability to throw off the opposing team also seemed to be lacking a tad Sunday night. While it was still a phenomenal game, it definitely wasn’t the best game the Bills have had this season.

So… what’s next for the Bills?
The Bills’ next game is against the New York (Jersey) Jets, who have a 5-3 record so far this season. The game is at 1pm on Sunday at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. While Bills safety Jordan Poyer is out for the game with an elbow injury and Von Miller is unknown with an ankle injury, Jets wide receiver Corey Davis is also out with a knee injury. The Bills are favored to win by 12.5-points, but the Jets have only allowed two touchdown passes in their last five games. With the Bills’ hungry for their fifth straight win and the Jets’ looking to bounce back from last week’s loss against the Patriots, Sunday is shaping up to be a great game between these two teams.

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