By Angel Hoy

College can be overwhelming. For student athletes, there is a whole new level of overwhelming. From early morning practices, grade expectations, physically demanding and the expectations of being a team player. Sometimes college sports take a turn from high school and travel. Everything is more serious and different from the sport you have played since you were little.

A woman grew up playing softball since she was six years old. Playing in college was the dream because she did not want to stop playing after just twelve short years of her favorite sport. She played travel and for her high school. When asking her how to describe college sports, her response was “it is more about winning. From a young age athletes are taught about having fun while playing sports, that if you are not having fun then what is the point of playing. Competitive sports in college are more about stats and winning because you are representing a college but there may be a lack of growth as individuals.”

She goes on to say that it can be very straining on personal relationships and personal life. “You don’t have much of a personal life because there are team practices and requirements 5-6 days a week. Having a job was tough, I needed money to pay for things for softball, but it was difficult to find an employer to work around my schedule. I was working before class and late at night after practice.” “College sports are not what I was expecting.”

Understanding the expectations that are given to you before actually experiencing them is tough. No one really prepares you for the life of college and being a student athlete. Experience is everything and she no longer plays softball because she was not happy. She stands by her decision and is doing great.

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