By: Domenic Kershner

In the summertime,  there is nothing better than getting out on a warm summer day to play nine or eighteen holes. There are a lot of good course around the Buffalo area. It gets boring playing the same courses each summer. I find that I like to challenge myself and find new course to try out with my friends. Western New York is home to many great courses. I have compiled a list of some of top courses in the area, that are worth checking out if you get the chance. 

The public courses can be rough to play when they are not taken care of but sometimes cheaper is better. For the average golfer these are some easy courses to have fun and enjoy yourself playing some decent courses. One of my favorites in the area to go with my buddies is Greenwood golf course in Clarence Center, NY, on Northfield Road. It is relatively cheap, around $12 to walk and $22 for a cart. It is solid for beginners and nothing challenging, it is only 9 holes. Greenwood is the definition of laidback and cheap.  Now if you want a big more challenging I would recommend Deerwood Golf Course in North Tonwanda. I have played this course a few times. I believer there are 27 holes in total. I have only played 18 of those 27. The course is very well kept for a very reasonable cost. The course is laid out well and very pleasantly scenic. I found the course enjoyable and not overwhelmingly challenging. Another course I would highly recommend playing is Arrowhead in Akron NY, on Clarence Center Road. This course is not as cheap for $40 for 18 holes. $25 for 9 holes. This course, like Deerwood, is very well kept and is not overwhelmingly challenging. This course is definitely worth the drive to Akron to play. It is never super busy for the solid course they offer. It is a big more on the expensive side but if you have the $40 to spend and some friends to go play, it is a great time. A few other fun average courses include Brighton and the Audubon. 

Some golf courses like Glen Oaks, Gothic Hill,  Harvest Hill,  Seneca Hickory Stick, Diamondhawk, Dande Farms, and Ivy Ridge are all really quality courses but run a bit more expensive. The courses are typically kept very well throughout the summer. These are worth the time to play if you get the chance. Premium courses without having to join a country club. Most of these courses offer league play if that is what you are looking for and some offer tournaments. I highly recommend Glen Oaks, it is a bit more challenging, not too expensive. In a review from, they stated, “it was difficult yet friendly.” The course is pretty immaculate and well taken care of throughout. Another premium course that I stated previous, is one I have not played yet but heard a lot about. Ivy Ridge has gotten great reviews from many golfers I trust and have spoken to who have played there. One review that I found from Tripadvisor that summarizes what I have been told really well was, “One of the nicest public courses in Western NY. The course is well maintained, reasonable fees , with a great restaurant attached.” I have been told they also have great league play available there as well. Definitely a course worth checking out. 

Finding good golf courses in the area is not difficult, there are plenty to choose from. There is definitely something special about playing some golf in ther summer with the warm sun and blue skies. It is always been a very peaceful and a fun opportunity to do something with my friends or family. If you have never played, there are plenty of easy courses in the Western New York area to check out to just enjoy a casual round to get down the basics and perfect your swing. Arnold Palmer once “I believe golf can solve the world problems and stop war.” Now I do not believe that is 100% accurate, I do believe it can take you away from some of the worlds problems. It can bring people together and enjoy a game that has been around for a long time. I highly recommend getting out and playing once this summer if you get the chance. 

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