By Amy Lawton

With National Siblings Day coming up on April 10th, I went around collecting some crazy and funny sibling stories. These stories that I am going to share are a reminder that even though siblings may fight, or go through some crazy stuff together, we still love each other. The important part is that we are family and family sticks together. Even for those who don’t have siblings I’m sure they have some wild stories that they share with other family members and or friends that they cherish as mementos of their relationship. Remember to love each other and take the time to make more memories together. 

John and Carrie’s Story:

“I was four years old and shared a bedroom with my two-year-old sister in the second floor apartment where we lived with my family. One morning we got the bright idea to open the window, and proceeded to throw everything in the bedroom out. Everything in the room ultimately ended up on the ground beneath that window, from toys to clothes, bedding to dresser drawers, and even mattresses…by the time we were done we had quite a pile made. As I leaned out that window, inspecting our work, I felt two cold little hands on my back, and the next thing I knew I had nothing beneath me, but air. Amazingly, all that stuff on the ground broke my fall. I managed to avoid breaking any bones, but when I sat up and shook my head to clear the cobwebs, it was only then that I noticed my upper lip, split in two and flapping in the wind. Eight stitches and thirty years later I still have a scar.”- John Lawton

Kayla and Jackson’s Story:

“It was Jackson’s 21st birthday and we went to Applebee’s to get him drunk. We got home and I wanted to scare him. He was in the kitchen so I hid behind the wall in the living room. Looking into the kitchen, I started doing a really weird dance. Jackson stared and me, smiled and then said, “Mom there’s a leprechaun in the living room.” He then walked into his room, leaving me flabbergasted.” -Kayla Draper

Austin and Chris’s Story:

“My older brother Chris told me that if I stuck a penny in the outlet it would work like an arcade game. Being young, I tried it and zapped my fingers. You would think I wouldn’t touch it after that, but I wanted my penny back and decided to stick a fork in it. From what my mom told me, my fingers were black and Chris got in big trouble.” – Austin Dickinson

Amy and Eden’s Story:

Eden and I fought a lot as kids, and still do at times. So one day when we were young my mom had enough and said, “The next thing you fight over is going in the garbage!”. This is when I hatched a plan and we decided to form a temporary alliance. Grabbing a bath towel, which we knew our mother would not put in the garbage, we each took a side. We tugged it between us while yelling trying desperately to keep the laugh out of our voices. When our mom came to see what was happening and discovered our little trick, she was too busy laughing to be mad.” – Amy Lawton

Tara and Shawn’s Story:

“It was me, Shawn, Mark and Maggie Mix. We all went walking out in the woods looking for a treehouse. It was a rickety looking thing. Mark and Shawn decided they were getting right up there and Maggie went after them. I was on the ground and Shawn kept saying, ‘Come on, climb up here!’ I said no way, that thing is scary and is going to fall. Well sure enough it started to break. Mark jumped to another tree, Maggie flew off of it and Shawn rode it to the ground. He landed with his head hitting a rock. All I saw was blood. I went running to get grandma. Yelling the whole time, ‘Help, Shawn is dead!’. I remember saying, once they got him taken care of, ‘See I told you it was going to fall.’ I never let Shawn forget that I’m the smart one.” – Tara Draper

Amy and Frank’s Story:

“My brother and I were arguing and he had to pass through my bedroom to be able to go to the bathroom and I locked him out because I had a lock at my door and he was begging to get through. He ended up peeing outside his window, which we live next door to a school and the janitor in the school caught him peeing out the window.” – Amy Houseman 

Abby and Andrew’s Story:

“When my brother and I were younger, it was after Halloween and my brother got a king size kit kat bar. It went missing, apparently he claims that he found the wrapper for it underneath my bed even though I had a moral rule as a kid that I would take other candy but not the king size ones. Although he has no other proof of his claims and it’s been years since this happened, we still argue about it to this day and we probably will still argue about it when we’re dead…” -Abby Stiokas

Andrea and Aaron’s Story:

“Aaron and I dunked little brother’s feet in paint and made foot prints like someone walked on the ceiling. But then we got worried Mom wouldn’t think it was funny so we washed the ceiling. Mom came home and said ‘You kids cleaned. The house smells so clean.’”

 – Andrea Lawton

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