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For anyone whose favorite time of the year is fall, we have some fun local festivities! 

Fall is a beautiful time of the year, the leaves change colors, the air gets cooler and crisper. The urge to get hot apple cider, apple pies, pumpkin pies, and pumpkin spice increases. Halloween is slowly coming around the corner. Haunted hayrides, apple picking, pumpkin patches and so much more fun fall activities are all around us. Family friendly and lets not forget fun spooky activities!

Becker Farms is a great place to go with the family for apple picking and pumpkin picking. Becker Farms has very cute shops with all sorts of cute items from toys to gifts to souvenirs. They also have a thriving bar. Did you know Beckers makes their own hard cider, and wines? A bakery with big warm cinnamon sugar donuts, cookies, and fudge and a little food joint with an adorable lounge area. They have tons of fun for everyone. They have an animal exhibit, with very cute different farm animals. Becker farms also has a haunted hay ride later in the season. They have everything for a fun fall day or night! Becker Farms also has an amazing staff, everywhere you turn there are nice employees who want to make your experience better. “Working at Becker Farms is probably the most favorite job I’ve ever had. They give you great hours, and your coworkers are amazing and kind. Even the customers are almost always great people too. It’s a great place to work and a great place to attend for something fun to do in the fall.”  Said a Becker Farms former employee.

Lynoaken Farms in Medina is a great place to go with the family or significant other to pick apples, and pumpkins. They have amazing cider, delicious cider donuts that are the perfect fall snack. We even learned how great of a workplace it is there. “Working at lynoaken farms has been one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. It’s so welcoming. The staff and the management is amazing. They’re so considerate of their workers and know when they need a break. The whole environment of working there is so inviting , it feels like a second home. I would give anything to continue working there and spread the positivity that starts from the management and spreads down.” Said by an Lyoaken Farms employee.

The Great Pumpkin Farm is located in Clarence, known for having tons of pumpkins to choose from. Aside from all the pumpkins and cute fall and halloween decorations, they also are known to have a big corn maze! The Great Pumpkin Farm is known to also have an assortment of carnival rides! The Farm also has multiple places to eat, and a bar. They even have a few stores to shop at!  Along with all of this fun, they have many different forms of entertainment. 

The Haunted Forest is an attraction located in Clarence as well. It includes a haunted hayride, a haunted house, and a corn maze. It’s great for a night out with family, or friends. They have a variety of spooky-fall scented candles, and shirts, hoodies to buy after a fun night of horror!

Frightworld is a frightpark located in Buffalo, NY! Frightworld contains five haunted houses that are rumored to be award winning. Frightworld is also supposedly Buffalo’s number one haunted attraction! It has fun events on top of its everyday activities. 

Frightworld is a great time with friends and significant others. Frightworld tends to be for a more mature audience, however, they have a “Little Frights with Lights” kids event Saturday October 28th at 11am. 

These are all great fall activities and fun things to do with those close to you. Go out, Be safe, have some fun, and enjoy the rest of the fall season while you can!

These are all great fall activities and fun things to do with those close to you. Go out, Be safe, have some fun, and enjoy the rest of the fall season while you can!

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