By Tanner Wisniewski

Are you curious about the Buffalo Museum of Science’s new “Reinventing Reality” exhibit? While it may sound exciting, the reality is that it may leave you left feeling disappointed and underwhelmed. This lackluster exhibit comes with an additional $8 admission fee for children and adults, making it an even bigger disappointment.

Once inside, visitors are met with a selection of lackluster activities that hardly seem groundbreaking. There are small screens playing random videos of people talking about virtual reality, but nothing particularly engaging. The VR desks, where visitors hold a headset to their face and see a VR world, are another letdown. To make matters worse, my headset was broken, and I couldn’t see anything until I moved to another spot.

The exhibit’s main feature is the VR stations set up for playing regular VR games, but even that was a disappointment. The games were no different from what you could play at home or a friend’s house on a VR headset, and the long lines to use them made the experience even more frustrating.

On the other hand, if you don’t own a VR headset or have access to a friend’s, the VR stations at “Reinventing Reality” may still pique your interest. Despite the exhibit’s shortcomings, the opportunity to try out VR games may be enough to justify the extra $8 admission fee.

While the games may not be particularly innovative or groundbreaking, it could still be an exciting novelty for those who have never experienced VR. And despite the long lines, there’s a certain thrill in stepping into a virtual world and exploring new environments.

Overall, “Reinventing Reality” fails to live up to its promise of delivering an immersive, innovative VR experience. If you’re looking for a true virtual reality adventure, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

By admin