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Hello there reader, welcome to Gelo’s world. I am obsessed with music and I bet you are too, but even if you’re not there are some new releases you should check out that’ll rock your world. Featuring guest reviewers: Alaina (Friend), Mercy (Friend), Grandma (My 81 year old Grandmother).

18+”- Scene Queen

Scene Queen’s new song “18+” it is a catchy song with a message. Scene Queen is calling out all the bands that prey on underage girls. The chorus of “18+” is “Pink wristbands on the guest list/Bras hanging on the bus/ Yeah you get a lot of girls but not one is 18+…Get those children off you’re busted.” Scene Queen’s brilliant blend of sugary pop, metal, and punk attitude creates a song you can sing along to while banging your head.Scene Queen – 18+ (Official Music Video)

Alaina: I’m not generally a fan of this kind of music, and Scene Queen has a voice that I don’t really like. it’s a little childish & angry, like a tantrum.

Mercy: To be honest I liked 18+ despite it being very tiktok-formula, but I already listen to Scene Queen so I’m a little biased.

Grandma: It has the ability to become a better song than it is if it’s on at a dance or a party it’s a great song but if it’s playing in the car I’m jumping out.

BEGIN ANEW”- Hopscotch Battlescars

Queer aggression straight out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Hopscotch Battlescars is a hardcore band new on the scene and they are here to take it over. This song starts off heavy and doesn’t let up one bit. Literally a second into the song there are already blast beats and razor-sharp shrieks. This song is a non-stop auditory assault throughout its almost 3-minute runtime. This is music to listen to when you want to get some pent-up energy and aggression out. This is music for the outcasts and the disenfranchised youth. BEGIN ANEW

Alaina: I love the screamer a lot! they’ve got great tone and an awesome range. the beats in the song and classic change of tempo are signature hardcore music.

Mercy: I didn’t like it

Grandma: It would be better without the screaming the music is tolerable.

Pain Provided Profit”- Conway The Machine with Jae Skeese

“Pain Provided Profit,” is a new album from the veteran Buffalo, NY rapper Conway The Machine and Jae Skeese another rapper from Buffalo who is new on the scene. This album is a collab between a master and a student, old blood and young blood. Conway is consistent with his gritty street rhymes and the production on this album is dark yet hopeful like his other projects. Jae Skeese even though he is new to the rap game he sounds like he has been around for years and he has wonderful chemistry with Conway The Machine. The track on “Pain Provided Profit,” that showcases this best is “Le Chop.” Conway and Jae rap back and forth effortlessly over a crisp yet simple beat that brings the listener straight to the streets of Buffalo. Conway is a proven legend in not only Buffalo rap but in the current rap scene. Furthermore, I can’t wait to see more from Jae Skeese he is bound for greatness. I highly recommend this album as an introduction to the Buffalo rap scene. It is only 23 minutes long, but it packs a punch. Check out “Pain Provided Profit,” streaming everywhere now, and on sale at and The guest panel reviewed “Le Chop”

Alaina: I like the vibe of the rapper’s flow, it’s laid back but he’s got a punch to his rhyme and rhythm. The beat has a background ambiance that tickles my brain, it’s pretty sick. sounds a little OG, like 90s rap, but with a modern twist on the beat.

Mercy: There’s a steadiness in Le Chop that makes sure it doesn’t detract from the lyrics.

Grandma: Lyrics were awful which takes away from the music which was awful anyway.

Nobody”- Avenged Sevenfold

A nearly 6-minute epic that sounds like a prelude to their forthcoming record “Life Is But A Dream..”. Avenged Sevenfold is constantly evolving with each project and “Nobody,” is part of that evolution. It has similar elements to songs from their 2016 release “The Stage,” which is their most recent album. “Nobody,” is an epic filled with massive guitar solos which are similar to the title track from “The Stage,” however “Nobody,” has a feeling of doom and dread that isn’t present on that song or that album as a whole. This song may not be a rocking rager, but it makes up for that with its gloomy atmosphere as well as the fact that this is their first single released in years and it builds intrigue for “Life Is But A Dream…” Avenged Sevenfold – Nobody (Official Video)

Alaina: I love the lead singer’s voice, he’s always had a good rasp in his tone, and the lyrics are always good. the guitar in the background reminds me of a siren, which is sick bc it’s kinda spooky. it’s a decent song, nothing I’d add to my playlist but definitely wouldn’t skip it if it came up.

Mercy: I love how the instrumentals supported the vocals in “Nobody.”

Grandma: Struggling to make the music interesting. Vocals take away from the song.

Shot Down” By Scowl

Scowl has grown their sound since their last album 2021’s “How Flowers Grow.” “How Flowers Grow,” was filled with blistering hardcore tracks that were as short as they were heavy. “Shot Down” is still a short song clocking in at 1 minute 48, however, you can tell it is something different and Scowl is coming into their sound more. This song is heavy yet catchy and accessible. Kat Moss shows off her improved vocals with not only her screaming but her singing as well. Scowl offers something different with this song and I am excited for what’s to come! Scowl – Shot Down (Official Music Video)

Alaina: I like the tempo changes. I also really like the mix of screaming and signing. The guitar and drums carry a super cool sound. this is a band I would check out for sure. the song is super short though, I would’ve wanted more.

Mercy: Not something I’d normally listen to but still enjoyable.

Grandma: Trying too hard to make it noisy and suck.

I sincerely hope you enjoy these new releases and support bands/artists big and small. This is a new age of music, adapt or perish. Thank you so much to our guest reviewers. I am Angelo Gasbarre signing off.

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