By Isabella Connolly

Through the last 10 year or so, social media has changed through said 10 years. It also became

one of the most important parts of our everyday lives, it is the way to communicate with people you don’t

see and the people we do see everyday. When it comes to this particular topic it does draw up a lot of

different opinions. Some believe that using social media is not the best place to share world news and

other information. You know what people say with great power comes great responsibility. Social media

has a huge responsibility when it comes to our lives. Whatever we are told on social media we tend to

believe that information until we are told differently.

People believe that the social media has fake news and that social media is a bad source of

information although many do agree with this, there are also real news sources on the internet and that are helpful examples, last week the Queen of England unfortunately passed away at the age of 96 most of

americans found of over social media before the information actually hit the tv news sources this was not

the first time information hit social media before it was made to the tv new stations back in 2008 there

was earthquake in china reporting on twitter significantly before any other of the more traditional

newswires could have this was helpful when it came to getting the word out in those types of situations

and getting

In 2022 most of the correct information we receive for social media comes from twitter,facebook

and surprisingly Tiktok as I stated before. The age range that gets their information on socials are 15-24

years old. We are the generation of social media we grew up on it and we don’t check the news nor watch

it daily like the generation before us, so in order to see what is going on throughout the world and at home

we check our socials even when we aren’t looking for said information we always come across it , with

this there are positives and negatives to this. There is so much information coming out 24/7 it is difficult

to see past the false facts to see the truth.

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