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Photo Credits: Christian Lawton, Amy Lawton

If you’re looking to add a romantic twist to your relationship this Valentines, Gould’s Flower shop in Lockport might be just what you need. The shop, located at 83 Locust Street, has been preparing for the upcoming holiday since after Christmas. Janet Gould, the owner of the shop, described how she begins her preparations every year. She begins by looking at how much of each flower she ordered the year before and compares it to how much they sold. Based on these numbers, she then has to estimate how much she needs. “It is very difficult!”, says Ms. Gould. The current location of Gould’s Flower Shop was built in 1952 by the owner’s father, however the family business has been running since 1878. With such a well used building, it is no wonder it was in need of an upgrade. With money provided by the state, the shop has just been remodeled and is ready for customers!

As a flower shop, they do sell mainly flowers, however that is not the only thing they sell. Teddy bears, chocolates, and nicknacks, they have everything you could need for your holiday needs. During the Valentine’s day season, the shop also sells rose petals for twenty dollars, a perfect way to add some spice to your partner’s life (It is recommended to call ahead for such an item). Ms. Gould says that many people feel that their shop is too pricey, but after talking to her it’s not hard to see why. The flowers from the shop get shipped from Miami and California depending on the type of flower. Flowers are packed in special boxes to ensure that when they arrive at the shop they are still fresh. “It always smells like fresh flowers… something is always living and growing.” says sales clerk Christian Lawton. The shop deals with many events in a person’s life from weddings to funerals. Even during the pandemic, the owner of the shop was kind enough to remain open. She worked by herself filling any orders for people that lost loved ones during covid. A true testament to the owner’s “heart of Gould”. Her employee Christian Lawton expressed her feelings to me about working at the shop. For her, it is the ability and privilege she is given to help these grieving families as well as many others. “We get to help people through the moments in their life whether it’s good… or bad…” – CL. The employees of Gould’s Flower Shop are there to ensure you get exactly what you need. Whether it’s the perfect flowers for your special day or flowers to help you through the grieving process.

If you do not wish to pick up the flowers at the shop, or you live too far away to do so, they can help you place an order with a shop at your location. You can order from the comfort of your own home! Just call in an order at (716) 433-7673. To learn more about the shop or order online, visit “If you can order early it helps us… everything comes in fresh!”, says Janet Gould.

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