by Jade Carpenter

Jordan Poyer came to Niagara County Community College this past Tuesday, September 19th. Poyer came to NCCC to share his story on how he struggled with addiction. Jordan Poyer is known for his skills and position as the Buffalo Bills safety. Poyer is like many people in this day and age. Poyer is a Father, Husband, and Son, who happened to pick up a drinking problem. 

    Jordan Poyer was born and raised in a little town called Dallas, Oregon. Poyer was a three sport athlete in high school. Graduated in a class of 112 students. Poyer played Football, basketball, and Baseball. Grew up in a somewhat strict home, but loving home. Both of his parents were juvenile delinquent counselors. He shared how he lived with his mother and “father.” He shared a personal bit about how his father was technically his step-father. But for Poyer, he was just his father. He shared how his father was an alcoholic who was in and out of his life. Poyer shared that his biological father was not a huge factor in his life. As Poyer went on, he started to share what his life was like after high school. Poyer shared that he attended Oregon State University (OSU), where he continued to play football and baseball. Poyer shared that college was a different world compared to his small town home.  Most college students can all say college is quite different from our home or home school. After that statement Poyer shared that he believed this is where his issues with alcohol started. Poyer then went on to say he started drinking around the age of 18 and 19, being a freshman in college at OSU. Poyer said that his struggle came to “finding out who he is, and figuring out who he is.” Which is something a lot of us as college students can relate to. As college students believe the majority of us are finding who we are here. We are taking courses to figure out what we will either do or don’t do down the road. We are also introducing ourselves to not only new information but new lifestyles and people.  A Psychology Professor here at NCCC, Dr. Katherine Croom, shared with me that she believes “Tonight’s event was fantastic and another example of how student life is committed to the well-being of our students, I especially appreciated Mr. Poyers emphasis on connection and the importance of being in the present moment. His presentation reinforced what students are learning in class.” 

NCCC’s Bob McKeown, the VP of Student Services. McKeown was the interviewer of Poyer this past Tuesday night. Mckeown said “I met him backstage and he was the nicest, kindest person, and he was very easy to talk to. He shakes your hand and looks you in your eye. He was very down to earth and that made it very easy for me to talk to him. And so it was very relatable and it was such a pleasure to even be able to talk to him.”  So based on what statements that have been gathered from attendees of Poyers “My Rock Bottom” seemed to overall make a great impact on college students and even faculty. NCCC can say it was overall a successful discussion. And can say as well, that the college has probably fallen more in love with Jordan Poyer than it already had.  Go Bills!

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