By Angelo Gasbarre

Hot dogs on a sizzling grill, the smell of freshly cut grass fills the air, the sun is shining, life is good, it’s summertime, and the livings easy. Your favorite thing about summer might be going to the beach, swimming, driving with the windows down, or sunbathing. However, my favorite thing about summer is the sheer amount of awesome concerts. If you are like me and you love concerts and live in the Buffalo area this summer is going to be amazing.

Most Anticipated Shows Of The Summer

This summer is kicking off with Bryan Adams with Joan Jett and The Blackhearts at Key Bank Center on June 13. Whether you want to relive the Summer Of ‘69 or you just don’t give a damn about your bad reputation, this is the show for you! Joan Jett wants you to put another dime in the jukebox, and speaking of the jukebox, Jukebox Hero’s Foreigner are playing at Darien Lake Amphitheater on July 28th. If you aren’t nostalgic for the 80s and you have an affinity for Affliction t-shirts, MMA, spiked-up hair, and have an eyebrow ring then oh boy I have the concert for you Godsmack and Staind are playing at Darien Lake on August 6th. Speaking of spiked-up hair The Offspring are coming to Darien Lake on August 6. So, why don’t you get a job, and get a ticket to the hottest punk show this summer!

Concerts I Am Seeing This Summer

Darien Lake is clearly the place to be this summer I cannot wait to see Fall Out Boy with Bring Me The Horizon on August 4. I am also seeing Pantera with Lamb Of God at Darien Lake on August 9th. Pantera won’t be the same without the Abbott brothers, however, I bet they will still kick some serious ass. From the bright lights of an amphitheater to the dark dank basement of Timeless Babez. On May 26th, I am seeing hardcore bands Enervate, Final Declaration, Wisdom & War, and Jewel Tone. This is bound to be a crazy high-energy show full of moshing, weed smoking, beer drinking, and hell-raising. Even though I love me some skull-crushing, ear-splitting hardcore music I also love ska. I am beyond stoked to see Less Than Jake at Town Ballroom on July 13th at Town Ballroom. This won’t be a normal Less Than Jake show they will be performing their classic 1998 album Hello Rockview in its entirety!

            Whether you are seeing the biggest shows this summer or the smaller shows. Make sure to get out there and support your favorite artists, go to the shows, buy the merch, and have some fun! Our favorite bands and artists wouldn’t be here without us the fans and we need to hold up our end of the bargain and show them our love.

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