by Angelo Gasbarre

The Ohio Death metal four-piece, Sanguisugabogg is back and more brutal than ever on their second and newest album Homicidal Ecstasy. This album is an onslaught of skull-crushing riffs, gutwrenching growls, bowel-shaking bass, and drums that assault the audience in the best way possible. This album starts off with “Black Market Vasectomy,” which perfectly sets the landscape for what you are about to hear. It has the sound of classic death metal with polished production, however, remains as gnarly and as dirty as ever. Another standout on this album is “Pissed,” it starts off mid-tempo and sludgy and then speeds up greatly. “Pissed” is a song that you can’t help, but bang your head to even if you are not a metalhead, and better yet the next track “Testicular Rot,” is a song that even non-metalheads would be compelled to mosh to with its blast beats and overall heaviness. “Testicular Rot,” is a masterclass in death metal drumming. My absolute favorite song off of Homicidal Ecstacy and a song that would be an amazing introduction to what death metal is all about is “A Lesson In Savagery,” it is 4 and a half minutes of death metal gold featuring a blistering beat, a vocal range that is unmatched, as well as remaining sludgy and heavy as all hell like rest of the album. Homicidal Ecstacy is unrelenting in its heaviness throughout the whole record and truly has no skips. It is a perfect album for death metal veterans and death metal virgins alike. Check out Homicidal Ecstasy on streaming platforms everywhere now or purchase it from Century Media.

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