By Ashley Bossinger

As our Fall 2023 Semester comes to a close, we congratulate all of the students moving on from Niagara County Community College and wish them the best on their journey. Staying informed about what is available to you as a student here at the college can really make a difference on how your college years pan out. You can create lifetime friendships, make connections for your future job field, enhance your education on new levels.

A Great place to start your personal dive on discovering new college experiences is SGA Student Government Association. SGA and Student life work hand and hand to make all of the student events happen here at Niagara Community College. Not only do they organize events such as thunder fest which typically happens in the Spring Semester, which is full of fun including food, rides, carnival games and more. They are the ones who run the events and see them all the way through. They make it fun for you.

After speaking with a current SGA Member Kaelyn, she says “I was able to meet so many new friends and meet a group of people Who I feel safe with. I also feel like I can be my genuine self. I have been able to grow up and mature since joining SGA.”  Kaelyn also says, “I would encourage people to join Student Government Association by advertising it on snapchat and other social medias, so they have an opportunity to be a part of this group I call family.”

SGA is a wonderful way to build your college resume as well. SGA also takes part in setting up the food drives the fun student-based events such as fry- day or running the rec room. Getting involved can create a new sense of fulfillment.  Being involved can help set your path for a bright future. Thunderwolves Goodluck finishing out your semester and Goodluck to those moving on from this great steppingstone called Niagara County community college.

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