By: Angel Hoy

Christmas time can be very chaotic and become very expensive. It is hard to decide what gifts to buy and what someone will actually use. So here are a few gift ideas under $50 that will be used and make you look like an amazon gift giver!

Gift Cards: $?

(Can be whatever amount)

Coffee: Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Dunkin

Gas: any local gas station

Groceries: Walmart, Wegmans, Target, Amazon

Beauty: Ulta, Sephora, CVS

Shopping: check a local mall, Nike, Adidas, Shoe store, Bath and Body Works.


The home page has a lot of ideas for gifts, Top Picks, Epic Ideas, and deals.

You can search through based on the person you are buying for. It is really helpful and if you are a prime member, there is FREE shipping!

Small Gift Ideas:

Candles, candy, straw cup, water bottle, hair ties, hand sanitizer, lotion, phone case, phone charger, coffee mugs, jewelry, personal care items, alcohol.

There are more options too, you will know at least what this person may like off this list.

5 Below:
Great place for children and adults. Most of the items are around $5, ranging from toys to workout equipment to makeup and home decor.

Gifts To Steer Clear Of:

  1. Pets: they are a huge commitment! Unless you are gifting it to your child or your household most families that do not have a pet are not ready for one.
  2. Clothes: unless when buying and knowing the exact size try and stick with a gift card. They are a little less personal, but it saves you and someone else the embarrassment of it being the wrong size or not liking it.
  3. Socks: I am very picky with the socks I wear and really do not like getting them as gifts because I end up never using them and giving them away.

These are all just ideas, of course, but I know that I get flustered when trying to think about what to buy someone. I hope these ideas help while not breaking the bank! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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