by: Jaelyn Kelly

Throughout the years there has been lots of talk about the difference between going to a university or a community college. In my eyes both are great, but many get caught up in social stigma to prove themselves for others I have found people may associate community college with being less of an education than a four- year university or the thought that community college is for students who were not able to gain admission to a four- year university. However, these perceptions are not true community college is cheaper, they give more opportunity and training also classrooms are smaller which offers more help.

In community colleges there are limited resources like sports programs or amenities but the community college environment is very supportive the staff is very focused on the students and there success. It is also talked about how community colleges don’t promote enough awareness to their school’s lack of awareness can lead to negative perceptions since there isn’t always information coming out about it.

I asked a women named Mikalya Drake how she felt about community college she replied “A great deal but you get what you pay for” she also explained how it was hard watching her friends go off to university “Campus life is not an essential part of community college. It makes you so sad when you see your friends in a new place, mixing and mingling with tons of new people can be hard. You long for that campus atmosphere where students aren’t working as full-timers daily and only taking classes on the side. Anytime you see one of these snaps, Justin Bieber’s “That Should Be Me” replays over and over acoustically in your brain. It seems as if community college can give off too much real life for a young person almost anyone in community college isn’t going for the “Experience” they want to get in and get out.

Universities are looked at as higher education and they give many opportunities like the campus lifestyle that has been a dream of many since children. There is more programs and diversity because of the money they bring in and the promoting they do to bring others in. Also, more career opportunity it is common that if a four year is on your resume you will receive a good job not to say community college would not do the same however due to human error bosses can be bias.

It is important to not base your education off any one else’s dream’s and aspirations. Make your own goals both university and community college offer great opportunity for education. Both have there pros and cons but don’t let others bias alter your thought process as career paths lie in each path.

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