by Connor Donnellon

Having to work while going to school isn’t uncommon for both a community college student, or a four year university student either. This being the case however, it comes with some academic challenges, like when the business is open, and how long that you get scheduled for can have an effect on how you perform at school.

Josh Alderman is a physical education major at Niagara County Community College, and works as a lifeguard at the University at Buffalo, UB, while taking classes to increase his position. I asked Josh about what he thinks on a work study program at NCCC, “I think it would be beneficial to the amount of credits someone is taking that semester”. He went on to say, “I think that it is an opportunity any student should be able to have on campus”.

Niagara County Community College does have a work study program, with multiple opportunities in various positions including both full and part time. Some offerings are either in person or remote, and the web page clearly states what each one’s requirements are, as well as what to expect from working there. The challenge with this however, is not being on campus, or taking away time from focusing on schoolwork.

Working through school isn’t without its challenges, and finding a job that respects you being a student in any capacity is hard to come by. Employers hire students to fill positions that are left after the daily staff has gotten their pick of shifts, or when more people are needed to make the team successful. “I think depending on what the job is, employers should respect a student’s education as a priority” said Alderman. Searching for somewhere to work in general is a daunting task, so make sure you ask questions about what will be asked of you, as well as what type of schedule that the establishment offers.

I asked Josh one more question, “If you were looking for a position right now, what would you look at?” With a response stating, “I would definitely recommend a job that allows for flexibility, such as working at Wegmans, where there are a lot of great benefits for college students as well.” Working through college can be a challenge if you don’t keep up with your work, but it also allows you to have some experience when you move on to another school or into the workforce.

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