by Hassan Travis-Frank

The United States is home to animals who are endangered or threatened. They are facing threats such as habitat loss, overfishing, human interactions and activities, and pollution. Conservation non-profit organizations like Defenders of Wildlife and World Wildlife Fund are doing whatever they can to protect these magnificent creatures they call home. The Trump Administration has gutted the Endangered Species Act, which makes it more difficult for endangered wildlife to survive in their environment, and it also makes it difficult for conservationists to protect these species. Thanks to the Biden Administration, the Endangered Species Act would be able to protect America’s endangered wildlife again. Therefore, federal judge Jeffery S. White also relisted the wolves back into the act, while “reversing the Trump Administration’s decision for removing gray wolves from the Endangered Species Act,” according to Autumn Syracuse, educator of Aquarium of Niagara says, “I feel that even though the species has been doing better. I feel like it’s been a little bit too soon to completely take them out of the Endangered Species Act. I think we need to have a little bit more time to really think about those populations and to make sure that it’s not just short term in their populations, but it can sustain itself for many generations.” Here are three of America’s most endangered animals:

The California condor is an endangered vulture that is found in the state of California. It is endangered because of habitat loss, lead poisoning, gas and oil drillings, and electrical power lines and poles

The black footed ferret is endangered due to habitat loss, loss of their favorite prey the prairie dogs, and the intolerance of humans.

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The red wolf is considered to be a subspecies of gray wolf in Northeastern, North Carolina. It is endangered because of habitat loss/degradation, gunshot mortality, hybridization, and lack of education.

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