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Imagine being transported back to the medieval era, where knights, jousting, and feasting were the norm. Mid-Evil Times Toronto offers just that, allowing attendees to experience a taste of the past with its immersive medieval-themed entertainment and dining.

Upon arrival, attendees are immediately transported to a different time with the ambiance and atmosphere of the venue. The interior decor and lighting are meticulously designed to create an authentic medieval atmosphere. The seating arrangement and table settings are also designed to transport guests to the time period, and the staff is dressed in appropriate attire.

Guests are entertained by a variety of medieval-themed performances, including jousting, sword fighting, and live music. The quality and execution of the entertainment are top-notch, with performers demonstrating impressive skill and talent. Attendees have noted that the performances are both engaging and educational, with historical accuracy being prioritized.

The food and beverage menu is also carefully crafted to match the theme of the event. Dishes such as roasted chicken, beef stew, and shepherd’s pie are served in large portions, accompanied by bread and butter. Vegetarian options are also available. The drinks menu features various types of ale and wine, adding to the medieval ambiance. The quality and taste of the food and beverages are exceptional, and attendees rave about the authenticity of the menu.

When it comes to prices, Mid Evil Times Toronto offers different packages to suit different budgets. The basic package includes admission to the event, dinner, and the show and costs $69.95 for adults and $47.95 for kids. However, For those who want a more exclusive experience, There are many different packages like the Crown Jewel package that includes priority seating, a commemorative photo, and a gift bag. Prices may vary depending on the season and availability.

Overall, Mid-Evil Times Toronto is an experience fit for royalty. Attendees leave feeling like they have been transported back in time, and the entertainment and dining are of the highest quality. For those looking for a unique and immersive experience, Mid Evil Times Toronto is definitely worth a visit. Prices may be a bit steep for some, but the overall experience is well worth the cost.

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