By: Domenic Kershner

By Dominic Kershner

There is such a constant struggle one faces when looking for a new show to watch or finding one that captures your full attention. The hundreds of streaming platforms offer thousands upon thousands of shows nowadays. The list of options is never-ending. Netflix has been known for its binge-worthy shows and high-quality television. One show on Netflix worth your time is “Dark.” The series falls under the genres of science fiction and mystery thriller. It was the first German-produced Netflix original. Dark is a complex series that offers a unique narrative that keeps viewers on their toes. You are instantly thrust into a dark and captivating world riddled with paradoxes and interconnected family secrets, along with some crazy twists. Also warning some spoilers ahead.

Dark has garnered a devoted following since its debut in 2017. The show has three seasons which ran from 2017 to 2020. The series starts off in a seriously grim way but takes off into something you couldn’t possibly imagine. Each season takes you deeper and adds a new layer to the story. The story’s central concept heavily relies upon time travel and human relationship, along with some family dynamic aspects as well. The interconnectedness can be highly confusing if you do not follow along carefully especially when different timelines become introduced. The show is mind-bending; it will make you more invested in every twist and turn. As viewers are drawn into the elusive town of Winden, they continuously experience a sense of anticipation and bewilderment that keeps them engaged on the edge of their seats. The show masterfully unveils devastating revelations for a lot of characters and also explores the moral dilemmas faced by these individuals. The writers skillfully had to weave together multiple timelines to create a sense of confusion and urgency within the story, reflecting the characters’ own confusion as they try to make sense of the events unfolding around them.

Everything in the show has a lot more going on than meets the eye. It has a supernatural twist to it. A lot of the series is interconnected or intertwined. The more you learn about the characters and the different timelines the more it will piece the whole story together. You are constantly following a few families in a small German town, the show turns upside down when two children go missing and bizarre things begin to happen. Some of the locals decide to try to solve the puzzle. The nuclear power plant and the caves in Winden become the vocal point of the strange occurrences. The more you discover what’s lurking in the caves, the more you will understand. Time travel has been used in movies and television previously but never to this effect. Forbes stated, ”Dark has gone deeper into the concept than any series or movie I have ever seen and seems determined to craft what has to be the most intricate and detailed time travel sci-fi tale I’ve ever seen.” It may be a mentally exhausting series to finish or binge, but it is certainly thrilling and entertaining.

The show has won several awards and has received solid marks. IMDb gave the series an 8.7/10. Rotten Tomatoes gave it 95%. TV Guide ranked it very highly and gave it a glowing review. “One of the reasons Dark is such a compelling drama isn’t just because it presents time travel as something that is possible or because it grounds its story in the emotional narratives of its characters, but because it couches its sci-fi themes in conversations about free will and destiny.” It highlights that Dark is unique in the way it allows you to become emotionally invested in the characters. Along with making you question everything you know about life. The creators, Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, really did a stellar job captivating their audience. It comes highly recommended and after spending a good amount of time invested in it, I would recommend it to anyone. The power of innovative storytelling really is captured in this series and draws you in. The intricate plotlines and mysteries make Dark a must-watch series for fans of science fiction and drama. It has gained much recognition for its exceptional writing and amazing cinematography. The soundtrack is very fitting to the scenes and with a bit of eeriness to it as well. Every aspect of the series seems to just connect and fit so well.

It is a very unique show and hits that quality binge-worthy aspect that Netflix delivers so well for its viewers. Dark is definitely worth taking the time to sit back and enjoy, but it is a show that requires full attention. You are not gonna wanna miss anything throughout the wild journey it takes you through. It is an intense emotional rollercoaster and will keep you guessing from episode to episode. It really challenges the viewer to question the fabric of reality.

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