By Amy Lawton

Everyone has at least one story of something that is unexplainable, whether it’s shadows on the walls or objects falling without cause. Some people choose to chalk it up to something they find most plausible while others believe it is the work of ghosts. The reality is we may never know if ghosts really do exist, but the weird things we experience certainly make it seem like they do.

One cool night I awoke to the sound of my door opening. Looking over I saw a tall black figure standing at the edge of my bed. Thinking it was my mom, I watched it glide over to my desk and then leave. That morning, I asked everyone in my house if they had entered my room the night before and found it quite odd that they all said no. You may be thinking, “It was just a dream”, but what you don’t understand is that I close my door every night before going to bed and that morning it was wide open. Many people have experienced similar things like me of tall thin shadow men watching them. These shadows even have their own wikipedia page entitled, “Shadow Person”.

The Dickinson Family has experienced things like this and much more. Austin Dickinson tells me the story of a shadow person sitting at the end of his younger brother Tucker’s bed when they were younger. He would wake up to hear his brother talking and when asked what he was doing he would tell him he was talking to the shadow man at the end of his bed. Austin has even looked and seen the shadow perched right where Tucker had said. Now instead of shadow people they can hear the voice of a small boy saying hello to them from their living room. Many people who live in Lockport have stories of crazy things that happen when they visit Cold Springs Cemetery on Lockport Road. The Lockport Union Sun and Journal seems to have a theory as to why. “…folklore has it that a young female hitchhiker was killed near the site and dumped there. Her ghost supposedly still comes to the place where she was picked up and haunts the cemetery.”- Norbert Rug 2016 – The Dickinson family tells me that when they go to Cold Springs to visit loved ones many crazy things happen to them. I’ve gone with them to see for myself and the clock in the church chimes sometimes multiple times while they are there. While the clock is set to go off at specific times everyday, it still goes off regardless of the time. To make things even stranger the family seems to lose belongings frequently only for them to reappear hours and sometimes days later. “Usually when we haven’t visited our grandpa in Cold Springs for a little bit our stuff goes missing then somehow it’s back in a very obvious spot that we would have definitely saw when we searched the first time.” says Austin Dickinson. Many people remain unconvinced that ghosts are the culprits to all these crazy occurrences, but the Dickinson family is convinced.

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