The Supreme Court and You

by Dakota Cruz

The Supreme Court is our country’s arbiter for f law and order. The justices on the Supreme Court are selected to be there by governmental powers to interpret the Constitution. The Supreme Court also will take court cases that challenge  the current interpretation of the constitution. Many of the famous court cases such as Roe v Wade, Brown v Board of Education, have a monumental impact on how the law is interpreted  and ruled in our country.  But one of the more recent court cases have come under fire is the 2015 Obergefell v Hodge. This verdict declared that marriage laws cannot discriminate  based on sex due to religious beliefs. This made marriage a civil right for all people who are US citizens. This was a momentous verdict that the LGBT+ community has been fighting for since the Stonewall Riots of the 1960s.

But now with two of the current Supreme Court justices and the current nominee are arguing the rights of LGBT people (savannahnow) the current laws protecting these people may be rewritten in the opposing party’s views. Now this could be something that may cause the laws to become stronger but by the looks of it, this seems to be something that may be cause for concern.  

 Amy Coney Barrtet was a professor of law at Notre Dame University, and now she is the current nominee for the next seat on the US Supreme Court.   She has been known for very religious views when coming to interpreting laws. When being interviewed she has refused to comment on her current opinion of the LGBT+ community and the right they are still fighting for. Even though she hasn’t,stated she is against same sex marriage in the past, she has stated she believes that the states should have the option of legalizing it. (washington post). She has also refused to support the LGBT+ programs and clubs when a professor at Notre Dame and instead allegedly attended events that have been very anti LGBT rights. 

The biggest concern if she is awarded this possession on the supreme court is that she may be able to tip the voting in the favor for those who would want to see less rights and laws protecting the LGBT+ community. Two Supreme  Courts justices have already seemed to open about their opinion that same sex marriage should not be protected under the law.

The Supreme  Court truly matters.   Supreme Court Justices are the people who make sure our country’s laws are fair and give justice for all.