Socializing in the Age of COVID

By Jazmyne Simmons

 Covid-19:  The disease that no one was prepared for. This disease has taken so much from so many individuals, one of those things being a social life. Maintaining a social life can be very hard during trying times of a pandemic, especially when  it’s strongly advised to practice social distancing.

 Practicing social distancing is a rule that has been embedded in a lot of business establishments, schools, transportation services, and even our very own NCCC.  College is a place where students go to make friendships, meet new people, make memories, and get out of their comfort zone and try new things. So having to do virtual school can be hard for students to accomplish those things when you can’t actually have a real face to face discussion and connection with each other. Even though the college has set in place social distancing rules there are still ways to maintain a social life during these times.

 NCCC has several spots in the college for students to sit and engage with each other.  One of the most popular spots in the school is the Learning Commons. This area in the school is filled with tables, vending machines, a Tim Horton’s coffee shop, and computers. This place gives off a very chill atmosphere along with the space being big enough to still remain socially distanced for students who are still very concerned about their safety during Covid-19. I asked students, one being Justin Watson, his thoughts on remaining socially engaged at school and his response was “The learning common are a great place to catch up with friends and meet new people, also great for studying and just to give your mind a break from classes.” I asked if he had any other advice for trying to maintain social life on campus as to which he responded with something I would’ve never thought of, he went on to say “What I found helps a lot are also meeting with friends on zoom and just catching up that way and hearing about each other’s life.   Zoom is great because there can be several people on a chat, easy to use, and it’s like being in a group setting with all your friends, just ensured safety.”

 There may seem like there’s very little to do especially now but if you and friends are willing to make things work and work out the kinks, maintaining a social life will be just as successful as before if you make sure to keep a healthy and positive attitude and not get discouraged easily.  Thunderwolves have to stick together, especially when we’re all in this together!