Halloween in a Dark Time

by Joseph Conte

During this weird time of Covid-19, it is hard for us people to stay focused and live our ordinary lives liked how we used too. Nothing is the same anymore since Covid-19 struck earlier this year. Ever since then people have been stuck inside their homes, forced to wear masks in public, practice social distancing, etc. With the holiday months approaching it is hard for people to do activities like their used to doing. With Halloween just right around the corner, it might be very difficult for parents and their children to participate in these activities because it is not the same as they were before.

People must sit back and think, do they really want their kids going to Halloween parties and let their little ones go trick or treating and participate in other Halloween activities? It is tough to say because the number of Covid cases are rising again in our state and country. Halloween is supposed to be a fun time for everyone. Since it is going to be different this time around it is tough for everyone to decide what they want to do.

Some people said it feels like Halloween is cancelled because of the covid-19. A few months ago, people are talking about how they think trick or treating would be cancelled this year statewide. Governor Andrew Cuomo decided that it would not be cancelled this year, but parents are still worried about sending their kids off trick or treating or to do any sort of Halloween activities.

I think it is okay for people to do activities that are outdoors but not indoors. When you are outside you can be separated more and not be to close to each other and you will have room to enjoy your activities and still feel safe while doing it and wearing a mask of course. Just because of corona I still think people and families should still be able to have fun and enjoy this time of the year. It is good to get the family and friends outside of the house to do stuff and not stay all cooped up inside the house. Some fun activities you can do during this time are going to a corn maze, apple picking, hayrides, and Haunted houses that are only outside of course.

Even though it is okay to do these fun outdoor activities, I am not sure if it would be safe if kids went door to door trick or treating. I Have talked to some parents and they are not sure what they want to do about their kids going trick or treating door to door. Some parents said with Corona spreading again, they do not want to risk their kids or themselves from going door to door getting candy or even handing out candy. On the other hand, some people have a different opinion, and they think the kids and themselves should still be able to go door to door.

 When asked, Buffalo mayor Byron Brown suggests that residents in Buffalo and Western New York should not go trick or treating door to door, which could cause the Corona virus to spread from giving and receiving candy. He said if they do go, they should wear masks and maybe only go to a few houses. Which I agree with if you are going trick or treating it is probably best to wear a mask and maybe only go to family members houses.

I think that if people do go out to Halloween parties and trick or treating, they should make sure they are wearing mask and social distancing properly. I still think that people should go on with their ordinary lives and still try and have a good time even though times like this are very tough and difficult. People should still manage to have fun and go on with life the best they can during a time like this.