Bills Remain First in AFC East After Rainy Defeat

by  Angelina Emmons 

On this past gloomy Monday night the Bills went head first against last year’s Super Bowl winners and current firsts in the AFC West, the Kansas City Chiefs. Despite the Bills offense gaining enough points to put themselves in the lead through Stefon Diggs’ touchdown in the beginning of the second quarter, the Chiefs still won 26-17. 

This second loss in a row brings with it many disappointed Bills fans. After four winning games in the beginning of the season, Western New York bloomed with excitement and buzz over the team. The last time the Bills started a season with a 4-0 was 1992, 28 years ago. The enthusiasm died down in unison with the remarkable offense of the first four games deteriorating under Kansas City’s attack. 

The defeat of the Bills by the Titans in week five and the Chiefs in week six both follow a similar pattern. A flutter of excitement born from good offensive plays to an average offense throughout the rest of the game, including a poor image of the Bills’ defense. The offensive line fails to reach the second level to block and repeatedly disengages defenders. The team uses a rushing attack which looks to be ineffective the previous games.

Josh Allen’s throwing accuracies appear to be reverting to last season’s instability. The young quarterback showed exceptional promise and growth in the first games of the season, his skill advancing until the emerging inconsistencies of the last two games. Allen threw two touchdown passes, to Stefon Diggs and Cole Beasley, against the Chiefs. The touchdown accomplished by Beasley brought the game to a close 23-17, before the Chiefs’ Harrison Butker secured a field goal seconds before the two-minute warning. 

The Bills offense reached a total of 206 yards through Allen’s 122 passing yards, two touchdown passes and a late game interception. Kansas City’s 466 yards squandered the 206 attained by Buffalo. 

Despite the dramatics, Buffalo kept a close game against the Chiefs. As fans deflate from the excitement of the first few games, they become overly critical of the mistakes made. The Titans remain first in the AFC South and the Chiefs, the first in the AFC West. This means the loss to these teams is a loss against two of the most acclaimed in the NFL and the ability to keep a close score against the Chiefs shines a positive light on the talents of the Bills. Buffalo still claims first in the AFC East over Miami and New England, placing the team in the upper tier of the league. 

The pain of two losses in a row weighs on the spirit of Bills fans but denouncing the team for it ignores the astounding growth and accomplishments of the last six games. The majority of the season awaits for Buffalo to prove itself as a team.  Try not to be too hasty in criticizing based off of two games against fellow firsts of the AFC. A game against the meek New York Jets with a 74.6% chance of winning (ESPN 2020)  may rejuvenate the eagerness of fans and prove the Buffalo Bills belong as first in the AFC East.