Starpoint Upping it is Security

By: Morgan Eberle

The Starpoint school on Mapleton road is upping its security. Brenda Angelucci, a counselor at Starpoint answered some questions.


Why is Starpoint upping its security?

I think the primary reason is obviously to make the school a safe community for students. I think given the climate of the world recently and, you know, the number of problems there have been. I think Starpoint’s committed themselves to assuring that within our power we will never, you know, become victim or fall prey to anything tragic happening at our school. I think it’s just been a- safety has been a major goal and mission for them.


When did they make the decision to up the security?

 Actually, that was kind of a well-kept secret. All of last year they actually hooked up with a security company that was studying the strengths and weaknesses of our existing security system. They were actually dressing in street clothes and attempting to get into the building and walk around the building and see if staff would stop them. So, they did a whole year long unknown study of the safety of the school and, I believe, that was kind of the genesis for now. That security company made all kinds of- obviously did a report. You know again, identified strengths and weaknesses, areas that need to be improved. Obviously went to the board and they made a commitment to take those recommendations seriously and make changes.


How are they upping the security?

Well the things I’m aware of are, they’re rebuilding the entrances to the school because, like I said before, once you’re buzzed yes the building is locked but the secretaries are far removed in every building from the doors so the only way they’re really seeing buzz in is through a small camera and then I think there’s even been some problems in elementary once they buzz you in some of the secretaries aren’t even close enough they are so buried that they can’t even guarantee that person they can watch them on camera to see where they go but there’s no guarantee they go directly to the office. One of the big major projects is they’re reconstructing all the entrance ways to assure that no one’s getting into the building without having direct access to the secretaries and you have to produce ID and your ID is run through some form of scanner that gives them access through their license to information. I think it would report if you’ve been arrested or something. It gives them some indication.


Starpoint is trying to make their school a safer place for their students. Starpoint is clearly nervous for their students because of all the school shootings this year. They are doing what they feel is necessary to keep their students safe from harm.