NBA Playoff Preview

By: Brad Rybak


With just a few games left in the 2017/18 NBA season, we now turn our eyes towards the post-season.  This year there are the obvious teams such as the Warriors, Rockets, and Cavs.  However, for the first time in a few years the finals are not completely predictable.  The Toronto Raptors  have clinched the one seed in the East and may be a serious challenge for the almighty LeBron James and his Cavs who always seem to turn it on in the playoffs.  This year, Cav fans may be more worried than usual only because of their defense as they are ranked 28th at the moment.   There are also the up and coming 76er’s who could make some noise as well as the Celtics who will be without Kyrie.  Watch out for Washington and Milwaukee too.  The wizards with one of the best back courts in the league and the Bucks with the “Greek Freak” who looks to have the talent of a Hall of Famer already.

In the West, obviously there are the Warriors who are usually the favorite to win it all.  However with Steph out for some time and Houston playing the way they have been, it could be a different story this year.  I would say that Houston is the favorite in the west both offensively, with Harden being the favorite for MVP, and defensively with players like CP3 and Capella.  Other than these two teams, the rest of the West is pretty bunched up and we are yet to know who will be seated where for the playoffs.  On that note, there are definitely teams that are far stronger than others.  After the Warriors and Rockets, Portland is next in line with the impressive backcourt of Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum.  Other than that there really isn’t any other team that NBA analysts can see making a real run.  An interesting team to watch could be Oklahoma City simply because of their star power.  If they can balance them selves they could seriously challenge either Golden State or Houston.