Lewiston’s Hidden Gem: For the Busy Student

By: Caitlyn Conibear


Nestled between “The Peace Garden” and historic Frontier House, visitors can find the newly relocated company Spice Harbor. Spice Harbor has been in business for over 22 years and was established in Westfield, NY right next to the Welch’s famous grape vine fields. With recipes coming straight from the family it is no wonder why customers leave with a feeling of comfort and warmth. Spice Harbor couldn’t have its name without spices and they currently sell over 200 types, but their specialty is in what owner Kristen Brolinski calls “convenience foods”, “These packages are called our convenience foods because they are quick and most only need water.” Spice Harbor carries over 10 different types of mixes including soups, breads, grains, dips, rubs and baked goods like cookies, cakes, brownies and muffins.  Guests can also find tea and smoothie mixes and so much more for a total of nearly 1,800 products. There is something in this store for every occasion. “Our food is the best for busy students because 98% of our food only needs water and to be stirred. It is reasonably priced with most packs being under five dollars and quick to make, not to mention the 5% discount for all students. Sure, you can go to any restaurant and order basically the same thing, but here you know it’s healthy. We pride ourselves in providing low sodium, low sugar and low-fat foods that taste great.” says Brolinski. The store even offers a variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free mixes. All of the food is prepared and packaged right upstairs, so when you find a favorite many spices and mixes can even be bought in bulk.

With quick, simple preparations and serving sizes being around 4 – 12 people it’s the perfect place for cost effective entertaining. Kristen even mentions the option of ordering custom gift baskets and wedding favors. “We regularly receive special orders, whether it’s through facebook, phone call or even from our new text messaging system.”

During Lewiston’s many festivals you can find Spice Harbor and their close-knit family working outside handing out samples and smiles. “Wonderful, knowledgeable people. Very friendly & helpful. Awesome products. If they don’t have it, you probably don’t need it.” says frequent customer Stephanie Larson. On the right is a photo of the team winning first place for healthiest option during Taste of Lewiston.

As for the author, I’d have to say that this store and its quaint atmosphere is perfect for Lewiston and its visitors. Next time you stop in be sure to try my current favorites, Apple Lavender Muffins and Country Corn Chowder.

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