It’s Showtime


By: Kyler Sterner


The wait is over, the play has gone through all it is final rehearsals and finished its build process. Now it’s time for the show. The show has opened Thursday the 12th and ran all through the weekend.


Technical crew has worked very hard to bring together this world of Shakespeare through a beautiful set, amazing costumes and breathtaking lighting designs. The lights the travel through the house, the sunrise and sunset dignified by the lights, and the amazingly funny props made specifically for this show. Having worked all through the spring break and putting all the finishing touches on this show, the crew is truly something to behold.


The weekend over spring break, the 7th and 8th, was technical rehearsal and a scene by scene rehearsal. Then followed by a full run of the show on Sunday. Throughout the full run some of the cast had to step out due to emergencies. This left one tech student to read the parts of the three missing students. Despite not knowing the lines, actions, or blocking of the characters, the full run of the show Sunday went very well.


Thursday the show opened and the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday leading up the opening was filled with stress and rehearsals starting and 6pm and going to roughly 10pm. Although the show is extremely good and not likely to have a problem, the actors and tech are still a little stressed and worried. After a rehearsal Kate LoConti says “I’m not worried about anything, so you shouldn’t be. I know you’re the actors and that’s very stressful, but I’m the director and if there was anything to be worried about, I would be worried. So just relax and let’s make a great show.”


Needless to say, the show went very well, and you are encouraged by all of the theater department to see it this week. There will be an in school showing of the play this Wednesday, and regular show times through the weekend. Students are free, come see the show.