“We are in the spotlight.”

Written by: Kyler Sterner

  Rehearsals have started for A Midsummer Night’s dream. Before every rehearsal Kate LoConti, the director, gives the cast and crew a pep talk. She Explains on the first day of rehearsal that this is the most serious she has ever been about a show.

“We are in the spotlight. This matters. Act like it because this is going to be great. If we can work together to make it great.” Kate explains to the cast. “This is my all time favorite play. It’s funny, it’s actually hilarious. We can do this.” She further states in order to truly bring her dream of this show to light.

“This really is going to be a great show, everyone’s working really hard. The costumes, the set, the props, and the actors. You really are going to make this a great show.” A quote from Primo Thomas, the lead set designer for the show.

Every Tuesday rehearsals are held in the theater, and each rehearsal changes as to who will be there. Each day has a different message, like this on February 13th Kate LoConti stated how important it was to make it to rehearsals on time. This is a class for the theater majors and other people in the play, not just actors. Design and tech crew cannot be late, they need this as much as any of the other people in this room, she doesn’t want anyone to be blacklisted.

Blacklisting is a when a person is under suspicion or disfavor in their work. To be blacklisted in this area of work is horrible. It’s a small world, word travels fast because it is a small community.

Please note that all rehearsals are for those active in the play this semester, not for anyone to walk in and observe.