Ways to Prevent School Shootings

By: Emilee Mongold

School shootings happen all over the world. One thing for sure is they shouldn’t happen. This is why it’s important to talk about the ways to prevent these from happening. There was a Florida shooting this year, that many of you have most likely heard about. It was talked about everywhere. There were 17 deaths that happened in the school that day. That is 17 deaths we can prevent.  There is a door stopper solution. In case you haven’t heard about what this door stopper does, ill enlighten you. If you are inside a classroom and there is a shooter outside. Be sure to have a door stopper in every room, or even carry one on you. If you place the door stopper where the door is latched (the door’s jamb). No one is able to push the door open. It simply used as a barricade. It can stop the shooter from entering the classroom to target the students inside. If you simply just lock the door, the shooter can shoot the lock out.  They have also talked about arming teachers, some people don’t agree with this though because is it really safe to put a gun in a teacher’s hand? They believe it would make schools safer. Rather than having the teachers armed, some say you can just simply improve the social and emotional health in your school. Instead of hardening the schools, make it softer. You could also take the public health approach. You do your best to lower the levels of bullying and discrimination. You keep watch on reported illnesses. This is also an important discussion being made. If you were to buy a gun you would have to have a background check. I think this is important, because that way you won’t be giving just anyone a gun. They also want to maybe ban assault style weapons. There is a gun violence protection order they could use that would allow police to seize a gun when there is a threat. There is all kinds of talk about ways to prevent more school shootings from happening. But, instead of just talking, we need to take actions. We need to put a stop to this.