By: Ikkiiha Mckinnon 

But seriously, this movie is a must see. There was a lot of anticipation built up because who doesn’t like a good Marvel movie with a predominately black cast?! This movie is the epitome of Pan-Africanism, which came just in time to kill the scene for Black History Month. The cast was made up of the African diaspora from all over the world. It has impacted so many young Africans around the world because it’s very rare to see black images in raw/positive form in mainstream media. The film consisted of African women who wore their natural hair, innovators, kings, queens, African culture and so much more. The way the director included various African cultures opened the door for people to see that Africa is a continent filled with various groups of people who have very different cultures. It was amazing to see that he included women and femininity in a powerful way. Shuri’s role was a with S.T.E.M and this may open the minds of young girls to pursue their dreams of entering a predominately male industry. There was also an all-female army who fought with the king which showed that women can be strong and beautiful. Lastly, Erick Killmonger was a character who opened up about the social injustices that take place in the USA. He spoke about the conditions that African American’s are in and he also talked about the slave trade. Overall, this is a very inspirational film and I believe it’s worth the $11. Take a trip to your local theater and check it out! :]