Stray Cats on Campus

Written by: Morgan Eberle

Three stray cats got into the building of Niagara County Community College through the open walls made by construction in December. Students and faculty noticed cats roaming and security took care of the problem over winter break.

It’s a commonly known thing that stray cats are everywhere and a lot of towns and cities have a problem with roaming feral cats. There are quite a few cats wandering on campus that almost all the students notice they’re there. Nobody ever expected to see cats in the hallways of school.

Security was notified and they got right on the case. Ross Annable, the director of security, found an organization to help capture and rehome the cats. All three of the cats were adopted and now have their very own homes to roam in.

The cats on the inside aren’t the only problem though, there are cats on the outside. There are about half a dozen cats on campus. Students in the dorms see them more often. A theater major and student of NCCC, Raymond Sanchez, has seen a cat outside of his dorm. This is a series of questions Sanchez was asked about the cats.

How many cats have you seen?

Okay, I have seen either one or two cats, I’ve always only seen them at night so it makes it kind of difficult to differentiate but I’m always seeing in particular, I know this for a fact, a black and white cat pretty young, very young actually like just above a kitten, and it always seems to be very shaky of people. And I last saw it in December and it was a time in between snows when it was around, it was around C building. It was in the bushes and I assume “hunting”. Yes.

How often?

I’ve seen them like five, six times over the course of my time here, I’ve been here- I’ve only been here like a semester and a month now but I’ve seen it like six times.

 So do you think it’s a problem?

Do I think it’s- yes, yes I do think it’s a problem because I love cats, and they should be taken care of and although I feel like these cats were technically capable of taking care of themselves, I feel like personally I would like to take this cat in and make it a home for it because I love cats.

It was a great thing NCCC did for the cats that came into the building but it seems that some people, including Sanchez, may want the cats who are outside to be taken care of as well.