Open Culinary Classes to the Public

Written by: Jenna Gang

Niagara Falls Culinary Institute is not only a great Institution for students, but they also open up their kitchens to host private classes and parties for the public. They offer savory cooking classes and baking classes to teach people a certain skill that they may not posses. There are also opportunities to host private parties such as Date Nights, Pizza Nights, and wine and food pairing classes. In addition, they also offer classes to teach people how to properly use and handle a knife. They will show you the different cuts that will make your food look amazing, and delicious. This link below will take you to the website that lists all of the public classes and private party options. NFCI also has youth classes and party options where kids get to go into a real kitchen and cook like the big timers. This is a really fun experience for the young, old, single, dating and much more.

When a student gets to the kitchen for the class, they are handed an apron and chef hat. The instructor then goes over what the class will be making today and how to go about cooking the meal to make it taste the incredible. The Spirit visited some classes in progress recently and it looked like people were having much fun. We spoke with Chef Ben Loomis at NFCI who has run a few of these classes himself.

So what is the most fun class you have taught?

Chef Loomis said, “I love getting the chance to teach people something new.  Our Chopped Competition classes are unique, as we get people competing against each other to win free classes. It is interesting to see what people can create, and we can offer advice on how to make their dishes even better.”

Do you have any memorable moments that you would like to share?

“Our kids and teens camps are always exciting.  The kids have a blast learning in our kitchens and getting to tastes new foods. All of our classes are hands on and get children eager to cook.”

How do you get the word out there that NFCI offers these classes besides the website?

“We share our class information with the Buffalo Spree, Destination Niagara, and the local news event calendars. Our most up to date class information will always be online at

After speaking with Chef Loomis it’s clear that these classes are something different that people can do to enjoy quality time with whomever they are with. They can also learn something new and have fun. Anyone looking for something to do with their spouse or children, look into taking a class at NFCI and making some delicious food.