By: Morgan Eberle


The NCCCinephiles is a movie series, free to students and open to the public, held in the theater four times a semester. It is put on by Professor Ian Stapley, Dr. Suzanne Buffamanti, Mr. Bradley Wingert, and Primo Thomas. Here are some questions asked to Professor Ian Stapley.



How often do you show movies?


The NCCCinephiles show four films a semester.

How do you decide what movies to show?


The four of us—Dr. Suzanne Buffamanti, Mr. Bradley Wingert, Mr. Primo Thomas, and myself—meet before each semester, decide on a theme or focus for the films for the semester, and then work out a list of selections. We welcome any suggestions.


Is it open to the public?


Absolutely– the series is free of charge and open to all students, faculty, staff, and the community. The more who attend, the better!



How long have you been showing movies?

NCCCinephiles first showed films last semester.


How did you come up with the idea of NCCCinephiles?

Dr. Buffamanti came up with the idea for the NCCCinephiles. She possesses an incredible knowledge of film and wanted a way to encourage NCCC students, faculty, and staff to share some wonderful film experiences. She invited other faculty with an interest in film to work together to develop a film series.


How did you come up with the name?

The name itself—NCCCinephiles—is a bit of a play on words: combine NCCC and cinema  and the suffix –phile, and voila! You get a word for people of NCCC who love film.


What is the next upcoming movie?

The next film, The Fall, will be shown Wednesday, March 14 at 2:00 in the Arts and Media Theater, F Building.


What was the theme for this semester?

The idea is to present extraordinary films that might otherwise not get noticed and seen. Each semester we decide on a theme; this semester’s theme is beauty, which would ideally encompass beauty of imagery, language, insight, and music.


NCCCinephiles is a fairly new event and they hope to see more students there next time. Hopefully more students will get involved and even share their opinion about what movies they would like to see. To get involved email