Calling All Lax Bros!

Written by: Owen Chapman

Since 2016, Niagara County Community College has not had a men’s or woman’s lacrosse team. The school use to have a team that was coached by one of the greatest lacrosse players of all time, Rich Kilgour. He was the head coach of the men’s lacrosse team and he lead the team to be one of the top three teams in the league in his first year as coach. After the first season the team remained in the top three teams. But in 2016 the team had its last season. The team lost its funding and lacrosse players had to go to different schools to play lacrosse. But coming this year there will be a NCCC lacrosse team. The coach will be Emmett Printup.

Emmett Printup was a great lacrosse player, brought back Box Lacrosse to the Tuscarora Nation and has always had a hand in creating great lacrosse programs. As a coach he is hard but fair. He will lead the NCCC lacrosse program to becoming one of the best lacrosse teams in the league.

The Lacrosse team is in the final stages of being approved, there will be more information released at the next Student Senate meeting. Show your support for the NCCC lacrosse team this Thursday at 12:30 pm in G117B.