Women’s March 2018

Written by: Emilee Mongold

Here is some background knowledge about the Women’s march, when it first started it was because of the equal rights amendment. Everyone felt that women did not get the same rights as men so began the fight for women’s suffrage. Women fought hard for their rights and in 1920 women gained the right to vote. The first person to start a Women’s March goes by the name Elizabeth Cady Stanton. She was a principle and a mother of four who wanted women to have more rights. In 1848, at the Seneca Falls Convention she began the suffragist movement.

In 2018, crowds of people, both men and women, gathered for a day of standing up for what they believe in. The Women’s Marches were held the weekend of January 20th and 21st. Some observers of the marches say that this year was the largest protests in the history of our country. Most people heard about the march from the #Metoo Movement. If you have not heard of this or do not know what it is, the #Metoo Movement is a widespread awareness campaign to demonstrate how often sexually assault and harassment happens in our country. Everyone came together to support one another. It was said by a woman at the march that “one women’s voice is powerful, but millions of women’s voices are unstoppable.”

A celebrity, many may know named Halsey, showed up at the Women’s March in NYC. She had written a poem for the #Metoo movement. The poem was called “A Story Like Mine.” It was very inspiring, and people really loved it. It made people really look up to her. It made everyone emotional, but also comforted; like they weren’t alone. It is honestly amazing how widespread the Women’s March has been made. The Women’s March has been held everywhere, from New York City to Washington D.C, from Bangkok to Nigeria, women everywhere took a stand for what they believe in.

Some people may not find them important and some people may not even support it but it’s amazing how many people can come together to love and support one another. We’ve come really far since the first ever Women’s March and we have so much further to go.