Welcome the New Spirit Online

Written By:Owen Chapman

Niagara County Community College is known as a great place to start. NCCC has been a place for athletes, theatre actors and actresses, nursing majors, zoo crew, and students with a passion for the culinary arts, to start their trek to become a better and a more prepared individual for their futures. How does news effect the way students find out information about one another? How do students find ways to cheer on other students or support their peers in their performances? Some students use the bathroom flyers, some read The Spirit, and others just hear about events from other students involved. This year there is something new that is coming. It is going to change the way that students receive their information about what is happening on and around campus. This semester The Spirit will be available online.

The Spirit will have its very own website. This will allow for news around the school as well as what is happening around the community to be spread quickly and efficiently. The goal of the website is to inform anyone who likes to read The Spirit, to be able to find out what is happening on the go without having to carry a paper. The Spirit will have the ability to have longer and more in-depth coverage of events that are happening around campus and the world. There will be more information on what readers want to hear about such as world, local, business, sports, and entertainment news. The website will be the one and only place that anyone will have to go for updates on sporting events, plays put on by the theatre department, and what is happening at the Culinary Institute.

All of this and more will be available at www.NCCCspirit.com or follow us on our twitter page @ncccspirit.