The Yankees’ Offseason

written by: Brad Rybak

It is no secret that the Yankees are the most famous baseball franchise, maybe even the most famous sports franchise in general, and they are living up to the title this offseason.  With the acquisition of Reigning National League MVP Giancarlo Stanton quickly turned from David to Goliath once again.  However, there are still a lot of holes that need to be met before the Yankees can call themselves the World Series favorite.  With the acquisition of the all-powerful Stanton, came the loss of the starting second basemen, Starlin Castro, who hit a respectable .300 with 16 homeruns this past season.

The Yankees also have a hole at third base to fill after making it clear that they are not interested in bringing back Todd Frazier and trading Chase Headley back to San Diego.  It is expected that top prospect Gleyber Torres will take over at one of the two open infield positions.  The recent rumor that a trade for Oriole’s super star Manny Machado may be in the works has since been diminished with Showalter naming him as their starting shortstop.  This leaves the Yankees with three choices.  Turn to free agency and target a star infielder such as Mike Moustakas, look to trade one of their many outfielders (Judge, Stanton, Frazier, Hicks, Gardner, Ellsberry) for a key piece, or simply play Ronald Torreyes off the bench.

The Yanks are projected to have one the best bullpens in the entire league already without adding a single arm.  Key relievers include; Chapman, Betances, Robertson, and Khanle.  General Manager Brian Cashman focus is more on the starting rotation.  At the moment being the rotation is rounded out with Severino, Grey, Tanaka. Who picked up his player option this off season, and Sabathia, who returned to the team on a one-year deal.  There are a number of big-name arms on the market this off season. (Darvish, Arrieta, Lynn) It has been reported that Yu Darvish is the target.  Darvish is expected to make his decision of which team he will weight up with this season with in the next week.  Cashman is very hopeful that he will choose the pinstripes.

Overall, the Yankees are on their way to becoming another dynasty.  However, they have more work to do than the common fan may think.  All though Giancarlo Stanton is a huge step towards a championship, there are still a few holes Brian Cashman must fill before the start of the 2018 season.