NCCC Men’s Basketball: Mid-Season Update

Written by: Elijah Purdue

Anyone following the NCCC T-wolves men’s basketball team knows this is a team that started off their season pretty rough, going 2-5 through their first 7 games of the season. However, they have quickly turned that around by winning 11 of their last 14 games. In a recent interview with our NCCC men’s head basketball coach Bill Beilein, we were able to catch up with him, and get an update on the team’s progression since the beginning of the season. The Spirit asked coach how he felt about the team now considering that they have progressed through the midway point of the season. He responded with passion and enthusiasm expressing how he “loves” the team, how “they are great to coach”, as well as giving them high praise on how ‘they are one of smarter teams” that he has coached.

When asked who or what has been key to the turn around, Beilein responded by expressing how he thought the team was just trying to still get used to the system. As well immediately referring to his two Sophomore’s in Donel “Zoomie” Cathcart and Laterrance “LT” Reed. Coach did not fail to recognize some of his other players for their efforts, like Najee scott, Christian Nodine, and Dytanya “DT” Mixon. Coach Beilein also talked about how players have contributed well coming off the bench. Explaining how “it’s been a different guy” every game coming off the bench. Such as Dauntae Watson and Sincere Ramshai. As the interview concluded, we asked Beilein what is the team’s expectation and mindset going through the rest of the season. Coach B responded by saying how he thinks “It’s time to focus in”. Also explaining how the team needs to “evaluate what the team’s strengths are versus the other teams”.

Everyone go support the Thunder wolves in their next matchup on Wednesday February 7th against Erie Community College, as well as the rest of the season.

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