MidSummer Night’s Dream Auditions Come to a Close

written by: Kyler Sterner

January 23rd and 24th, the auditions started and finished for the upcoming play, “A MidSummer Night’s Dream,” this semester. Auditions were held in room F108 on Tuesday, and F155 on Wednesday for specific call backs.

Despite last minute changes to the location for the Tuesday auditions, the auditions and auditioners went off without a hitch. With only one person not showing up to the first auditions, Kate LoConti (Director and Cast Manager) was able to get an appropriate part to everyone.

Wednesday, specific people were called back to have dialogue with other characters. Actors and actresses were switched around to give Kate a better idea of who should play whom. Proud of her decisions, she posted the cast and crew list on the call board behind the theater at 11:05 Friday January 26th.

The cast list is as follows

Theseus      Nate D’Angelo

Demetrius  DeVonte Wallace

Bottom       Clare Heron

Starveling  Alyssa Stover

Helena       Morrin Jermyn

Puck          Justine Gerace

Moth         Leslie Archibald

Egeus        Taylor White

Quince      Taylor White

Flute          James Wilson

Hippolyta  Randi Sykes

Oberon      Preston Miller

Peaseblossom  Randi Sykes

Mustardseed    Josh Ziegler

Lysander      Brandon Channel

Snug           Ray Sack

Snout         Karissa Allen

Hermia      Morgan Cudney

Titania       Cate Woolcot

Cobweb     Danielle Degener

Fairy          Jasleen Gill

People are double casted because there were not enough 


Crew List:

StageManager/Asst. Director: Kyla Freeman

Asst. Stage Manager: Raymond Sanchez

Asst. Set/Prop Designer: Kyler Sterner

Costume Designer/Wardrobe Mistress: Christina St. Onge

Lighting Designer/House Manager: Melissa Niemiec

Sound Designer:Stanton Warren

Prop Run/Tech Crew: Sean Taylor

Deck/Tech Crew: Sam Muscato

Rehearsals start Tuesday January 30th for the cast. Everyone on crew design and build has started and will continue until the end of the shows run. The show will be performed in the auditorium April 12th-15th and April 19th-22nd.