Healthier Food for Dorm Students

written by: Jenna Gang

Students all around the world go to college and live in the dorm, and they eat very unhealthily. I look at some of the food that are offered to the students that they can make back at the dorms and it’s all processed with no nutritional value what so ever. There are so many different foods that I have found while searching the web and looking through books.

Students can still make healthy food with a microwave such as a 10-Minute Butternut Squash Risotto Cup, or Egg White bagel sandwich as well as many more options. Students need to be able to eat healthy so they do not consume a lot of fat and sodium. here are a couple websites that I found that have quick and easy recipes: .

Students can visit these sites and see what it is that they could be eating instead of what they are eating. Being able to eat healthier while living in the dorms will increase productivity and keep you feeling fuller long without gaining that freshmen 15.